Our Story

Welcome - we’re the husband and wife duo behind People of the Sea. We’re ocean folk, growing up in Queensland, our lives have always centred around the ocean. In our books, nothing beats a sunrise surf or a sneaky road trip to explore a new break and camp out under the stars.

The idea for People of the Sea first came to light on a year long surf adventure in Central America and is inspired by our love of the ocean, travel, sustainability and the constant desire to explore.

People of the Sea is founded on the principles of sustainability and celebration of the diversity of the female form. Our functional and versatile surf and swim suits are designed to embrace and celebrate the beauty of the everyday surfer and beach explorer.

Our Values

Growing up in Australia, the largest island in the world , we’ve been spoilt with long, hot Summers and a coastline as far as the eye can see. The ocean is our playground and home to some pretty fascinating marine life (even the ones with chompers) that’s why we’re passionate about keeping it just as beautiful for future generations to come.

Here at People of the Sea, we’re all about sustainability and making conscious choices to be the best citizens of the world we can be. To us, every decision to waste less counts - from reusable coffee mugs and shopping bags through to supporting slow and sustainable fashion.

There is some pretty fancy technology out there converting waste products such as abandoned fishing nets and ocean liter into silky smooth lycra. We think that wearing trash is damn cool and we’re proud that our surf and swim suits are all handmade in Australia using quality recycled lycra.

Our Tribe

We’re in good company, the People of the Sea tribe is our broader community of ocean folk who find their happy place in, on, or surrounded by water - hunting untouched surf breaks, greeting the sunrise out past the break, exploring reefs, paddling along canals and chasing toddlers along the shoreline.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing our swim and surf suits on amazing adventures to faraway places or happily flaunted at the local beach - join the People of the Sea tribe and share your adventures with us.